28th Birthday Core Desired Feelings & Goals

birthday cupcake

In all its chocolate and peanut butter glory

So, I’ve been 28 years old for a full two days now. Does that make me “late twenties official?” Or was I already there?

When celebrating birthdays in my early twenties, the morning after was often spent sleeping in after a lateeee night out and enjoying leftover chocolate birthday cake for breakfast (don’t judge). This year, I woke up super early on the my morning of my birthday (and the day after) to go to bootcamp at the gym. *Wah wah*

And, no, there was no massive cake to enjoy for breakfast throughout the rest of the week. I had a green smoothie in the morning to balance out my birthday treat: one chocolate and peanut butter gluten-free cupcake that I happily devoured in record time. Any more dessert and my late-twenties metabolism probably would have kicked it.

Despite these differences, there’s at least one thing that always remains the same. Every year around my birthday I focus on what I’ve learned throughout the past year and what I want to embrace in the coming 12 months. It’s like giving myself a head start on new year’s resolutions.

This year, instead of starting with a list of concrete goals, I took some advice from Danielle LaPorte and decided upon the five feelings that I want abundant in my life as a 28-year-old woman aka “Core Desired Feelings.” For me, these are: healthy, connected, confident, creative, and honest. Check out her thoughts on and list of Core Desired Feelings. They’re pretty awesome.

From there, I thought about what I can do to feel those emotions. What can I do this year to feel healthy? What can I do to feel creative? What can I do to be more honest with myself and others? You get the idea.

So, here’s my list of things I want from this year that will help me feel healthy, connected, confident, creative, and honest (in no particular order). Some are specific, some are unquantifiable, and I like it that way.

P.S. Sharing this list totally makes me feel honest. Whoop.

  • Get AFAA certified
  • Run a sub 1:50 half marathon
  • Run 3 total half marathons (including at least one destination race)
  • Get published
  • Become a morning workout person (again)
  • Draw/doodle/photograph daily
  • Podcast with Michel
  • Practice yoga regularly
  • Meditate regularly
  • Connect with more creative people in Oakland
  • Let myself be more vulnerable
  • Join (for realsies) a running club
  • Connect with more fitness professionals
  • Practice hand lettering/calligraphy
  • Make/give more gifts to people
  • Stop the “deer in the headlights” attitude
  • Take 1 new, fun class/month
  • Read 1 non-fiction & 1 fiction book per month
  • Practice living with more intention
  • Think less, act more
  • Be mindful
  • Focus on quality over quantity
  • All the trips and adventures
  • Banish “I don’t think so”
  • Talk about my passions more
  • Enjoy more vegetarian/vegan dishes and sustainably raised meat
  • Don’t flake on people
  • Be more generous
  • Get some stinkin’ abs
  • Introduce and accept more creativity in my everyday life
  • Don’t sweat the little things
  • Sweat everyday
  • Be flexible with my schedule

Do you make lists like this for yourself? Shout out if any of these resonate with you; we can cheer each other on!



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