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Falling for Fall

autumn quote

Every year, from May through August, I say, with conviction, that I am a “summer girl” who thrives on sunshine and never wants to give up afternoons spent lying barefoot in the grass, sipping on ice cold cider in a summer dress.

Then, fall comes, and I excitedly swap out my sandals for riding boots, become BFFs with my slow cooker once more, and find nothing more enjoyable than curling up with my cat on the sofa while the pitter patter of rain makes music with apartment’s window sills. Like that, I realize how much I love navy blue sweaters and infinity scarves, and how amazing it feels to come home and crawl into sweat pants. I drop my love of summer like a graduating high school senior leaving his junior girlfriend at home and quickly embracing Thursday night fraternity parties and co-ed dorms.

running shoes in the fall leaves

It really is beautiful though.

be present

Bye, Halloween & Hello, November!

thanksgiving dinner invitation design

I have a feeling I’m going to crush hard on the fall season this year. I excitedly mocked up Thanksgiving invites this morning without being totally sure that I’ll be the one hosting dinner this year, and I’m dying to make this leaf garland from Love Paper Paint.

Oh, and I’m still obsessing over Halloween weekend and how much I loved following Studio DIY’s Pizza Slice + Delivery Boy Couples Costume tutorial. (My version is gluten-free, of course.)

pizza costume from studio diy

This week, I’d like to test a couple gluten-free, naturally-sweetened fall treat recipes to be used as gifts and/or party desserts. Let me know if you have any favorites!

My Holiday Season Bucket List

My Holiday Season Bucket List

I’m a sucker for the warm summer sunshine, but my absolute favorite time of the year spans from Halloween to New Year’s. It’s the season of sweaters and scarves, rainy days spent indoors crafting and time spent listening to music while I perfect new recipes and cook copious amounts of comfort foods.

This year, I made a list of 25 things I’m looking forward to doing over the next two months – my “Holiday Season Bucket List.”

1. Bake a pie from scratch

2. Get better at running in the cold…and in the dark

3. Buy red lipstick…and have the courage to actually wear it!

4. Finish my winter reading list

5. Volunteer

6. Run a Turkey Trot

7. Make this stew

8. …and this soup

9. Treat myself to a mini-shopping spree

10. Spend a day in my PJs drinking mimosas

11. Try a new recipe for Thanksgiving dinner

12. Shop local on Small Business Saturday

13. Visit the Renegade and Bazaar Bizarre Craft Fairs in SF

14. Make presents for loved ones

15. Build a gingerbread house

16. Check out the SPCA puppies and kittens at Macy’s holiday Windows on Union Square

17. Convince Michel to let us take one of the animals home…

18. Get my holiday shopping done early

19. Santa Crawl in SF

20. Listen to carolers

21. Cut down and bring home my own Christmas tree (my first non-fake tree ever!)

22. Ugly Sweater Christmas Party

23. Take one more mini-vacay

24. Run a leg in the California International Marathon

25. Start my resolutions early

What other activities are must-do’s this season?

Old Christmas traditions…and new!


Some of my fondest Christmas memories are spending hours in the kitchen with my mom baking enough cookies to feed a family of 24 and cooking a family favorite for generations, a massive batch of pierogis.

IMG_6408 (2)

This year, we whipped up all the usual suspects, but also introduced two new items that I definitely plan on making for years to come – dark chocolate truffles infused with orange extract and homemade tamales.

Details to come soon!