About Me

Melissa Rae Lopez

My name is Melissa, and I love to write, cook, and create. I am fueled by sunshine and black coffee, and I say yes to eating, running, and making things by hand.

I try to fill my days with learning, making, moving, and cat cuddling, all of which are what life is all about, in my book.

Recently, I’ve taken up running and gyming. My best ideas come to me while running, working out clears my mind, and I figure both of these are simply necessary to counter the hours I otherwise spend basking in the glow of my laptop screen or stooped over my stovetop prematurely sneaking tastes of dinner.

My boyfriend Michel (pronounced Mi-kel) calls me a shark, because if I ever stop moving, I’ll die. Sounds about right.

I live in the beautiful Bay Area and am so thankful to be surrounded by great food, copious amounts of art, and inspiring people. When I’m not cooking, making greeting cards, or doing other homebody things, I work in marketing, spend time with aforementioned boyfriend Michel, travel, hike, picnic, read, check out local events, and dream of the day I can own a dog.

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