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Cute & Geeky Workout Shirts

I’m so happy that I’m living in an age where wearing a shirt with a massive cat on it is totally socially embraced.

While my weekend wardrobe has its fair share of tanks and tees featuring some of my fave animals (foxes, dogs, kittens and the like), my workout wardrobe is seriously lacking in cuteness.

As I begin training for my second half-marathon, I thought it’d be appropriate to expand upon my boring repertoire of boring tech shirts with some fun and inspirational shirts that I’ll get excited to sport on my daily runs.

Check out some of my favorites below, and let me know if there are any other sweet shirts that I MUST buy.

i only date beasts tank shirt

“I Only Date Beasts” Tank from Human

"Such Workout, Much Burn" Doge Tank from noteesshop on Etsy

“Such Workout, Much Burn” Doge Tank from noteesshop on Etsy

beast mode workout tank

“Beast Mode” Tank from Activate Apparel

check meowt tank

“Check Meowt” Tank from NobullWomanApparel on Etsy

"I'm Not Working Out, I'm Leveling Up" Tank from Human

“I’m Not Working Out, I’m Leveling Up” Tank from Human

"Workin Off My Lumps" Tank from Human

“Workin Off My Lumps” Tank from Human


Weekend Recap: Land’s End Hike & Zucchini Noodles w/ Pasta

It’s Wednesday. It’s gloomy outside. I’m struggling to get myself up and go for a run. And I’m mopey for a cup of hot Sightglass coffee. Yes, my first world problems are getting the best of me.

Last weekend was a whole different story, though. It was filled with lots of fresh air, good memories and delicious food. My hopes are that by creating this post I can hopefully lift my mood a bit and re-focus my energy on better things like…(drumroll please)…running my longest distance ever on Saturday – 10 miles!

I can’t express how big of an accomplishment this was for me. As someone who could never finish one mile without stopping to walk during my entire school career, running 10 miles straight (and feeling great afterward) is proof that, with a lot of work and mental dedication, you really can do just about anything. Seriously.

But the daily fitness didn’t end there! I ended my run at AT&T Park, devoured a protein bar and banana, then drove across the city (sore legs and all) to hike Land’s End.

photo (1)

I’ve never done the hike before, and haven’t spent much time at that end of the city, but am happy I could experience the walk/hike on such a beautiful, cloudless day.


The beach + sunshine + fitness = a glorious afternoon.

After heading back home to Oakland, I whipped up a batch of zucchini noodles and warmed up a few servings of homemade meat sauce. (Stay tuned for the recipe.)

photo 3

I threw in an Italian sausage and sprinkled parmesan to top it all off. Ohmygosh, so good.


Advice: If you’re going through your own case of Hump Day Tiredness, I recommend a big serving of anything covered in homemade pasta sauce.

Lunch at Gott’s & a Sunday Run

No weekend in my life is complete without good eats and a long run.

On Saturday, Michel, his dad and I went to the San Francisco Farmer’s Market and ate lunch at Gott’s Roadside in the Ferry Building.

The boys had burgers, and I tried the fish tacos.

photo 2

My first visit to Gott’s was at the original St. Helena location, back when I was in high school and the restaurant was called Taylor’s Refresher. I had just had my wisdom teeth pulled two days prior and, unfortunately, was still so much in pain that I couldn’t fit anything in my mouth wider than a straw. Why my dad brought me there, I’ll never know. I’m assuming I was in trouble, because watching everyone chomp into their massive burgers while I struggled sipping from my cup of water was more torturous than a Saturday afternoon of chores.

Lucky for me, this experience was so much better.

Marinated, grilled Mahi Mahi served in a corn tortilla with slaw, pico de gallo and jalapeno cilantro sour cream on top, paired with some of Michel’s fries with spicy chipotle dip was a lunch win.

And, naturally, Michel’s double bacon cheeseburger on a toasted egg bun was a thing of envy. I think I’m gaining weight just by thinking about it…

Of course, a meal like that had to be followed up with a good run!

SF Bay Bridge

On Sunday morning, I got some really beautiful views of the bay while running along the Embarcadero.

Training for a half marathon has really pushed me to get out and see more of Oakland and San Francisco, and I feel so blessed to live in an area that offers so many running routes with a view.