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On Drawing

melissa and the purple crayon

I grew up with a purple crayon in my hand. Literally.  Just ask my mom about the time I scribbled added my artistic point of view all over our brand new washing machine…and sofa set…and anything else I could get my hands on.

I was that kid in school who, whenever we had the opportunity to do non-conventional book reports, came into class with a massive graphic poster I had slaved over for weeks, magic marker stains still fresh on my fingertips.

I had my own comic strip series by age 7, was the appointed class caricature artist throughout all of elementary school and nearly cut my finger off with an X-ACTO knife while mounting my final graphic design project during my junior year of college.

Sadly, over the last few years adulthood has set in (*womp womp*) and I’ve spent an increasing amount of time analyzing email campaign open rates and less time drawing – and I’m worried my creativity and idealism has suffered because of it. So, I’m trying to change that by doodling for at least a few minutes each day and sharing more of my artwork with the world. Expect more doodles, probably with a focus on the things I love (food, the outdoors, exercise, furry friends and food), but who knows where this may take me. All I can say is, I’m excited to have picked up my purple crayon again.