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Slow Cooker Kalua Pork

slow cooker kalua pork

Today’s message is: “fake it ’til you make it.”

I’ve never been to a Hawaiian luau, and I’ve never seen nor enjoyed any bit of a whole pig smoked in a sand pit, but I made this kalua pork in my slow cooker yesterday and shamelessly admit to having firsts, seconds, and an extra bite or two as I wrapped up leftovers. Is this recipe authentic? No. Is it tasty. YES.

slow cooker kalua pork

Kalua pork is traditionally smoked in a sand pit with sea salt, banana leaves, and koa wood. When you don’t have the luxury of a sand pit, a slow cooker and a little natural liquid smoke can be a girl’s best friend. Simply toss three ingredients in a slow cooker before work (pork roast, Hawaiian sea salt, and liquid smoke), and by evening you’ll be saying mahalo to yourself for making such a smart, delicious decision.

slow cooker kalua pork

I was way lazy with this dinner, so I just paired the pork with sautéed bell peppers, a little quinoa, and some gluten-free soy sauce, which was perfect. Next time I make it (which will probably be sooner than I’d like to admit) I’d like to be more ambitious and try my hand at a pineapple quinoa “fried rice” to go along with it.

You can always slow cook the pork overnight too. In fact, the longer you cook it, the juicier and better it’ll taste. I’m going to use my leftovers by scrambling the shredded meat with eggs and veggies for weekend brunch.

Now go make this!


  • 2-3 lb pork shoulder or butt roast, fat removed
  • 1 tbsp liquid smoke, hickory flavored
  • 2 tsp Hawaiian Sea salt


FYI, I just kinda eyeballed it with measurements. Wash and pat dry the pork, and place it in the slow cooker. Pierce the pork with a fork (that’s a funny thing to say), sprinkle with salt, and pour the liquid smoke evenly over the roast.

Close your slow cooker, and set the time for anywhere from 8-12 hours on low. When done cooking, shred with a fork and ENJOY!

Weekend Recap: Land’s End Hike & Zucchini Noodles w/ Pasta

It’s Wednesday. It’s gloomy outside. I’m struggling to get myself up and go for a run. And I’m mopey for a cup of hot Sightglass coffee. Yes, my first world problems are getting the best of me.

Last weekend was a whole different story, though. It was filled with lots of fresh air, good memories and delicious food. My hopes are that by creating this post I can hopefully lift my mood a bit and re-focus my energy on better things like…(drumroll please)…running my longest distance ever on Saturday – 10 miles!

I can’t express how big of an accomplishment this was for me. As someone who could never finish one mile without stopping to walk during my entire school career, running 10 miles straight (and feeling great afterward) is proof that, with a lot of work and mental dedication, you really can do just about anything. Seriously.

But the daily fitness didn’t end there! I ended my run at AT&T Park, devoured a protein bar and banana, then drove across the city (sore legs and all) to hike Land’s End.

photo (1)

I’ve never done the hike before, and haven’t spent much time at that end of the city, but am happy I could experience the walk/hike on such a beautiful, cloudless day.


The beach + sunshine + fitness = a glorious afternoon.

After heading back home to Oakland, I whipped up a batch of zucchini noodles and warmed up a few servings of homemade meat sauce. (Stay tuned for the recipe.)

photo 3

I threw in an Italian sausage and sprinkled parmesan to top it all off. Ohmygosh, so good.


Advice: If you’re going through your own case of Hump Day Tiredness, I recommend a big serving of anything covered in homemade pasta sauce.

Date Night Recipe: Homemade Pizza

Homemade Pizza

My dreams came true last week.

My boyfriend, Michel, told me that he wanted to learn how to cook – both for himself and for me, on those days I just don’t have time to step foot in the kitchen. (Considerate Boyfriend of the Year, right here.)

But it gets even better! He suggested we begin cooking a meal together once a week, so that he can become more familiar with basic practices and techniques.

Like many people,  Michel doesn’t quite know where to even get started with his “culinary education.” Cereal and milk can be poured, mac & cheese can be produced (sometimes) and I think he’s just about got the basic burger down pat. But, beyond that, the kitchen is a mysterious place.

So, I decided to start with a food that is simple, fun and a something he loves (almost) as much as me – pizza.

We went lazy this round and bought the crusts from Mariposa Bakery, an AMAZING gluten-free bakery in Oakland. (Truth be told, the crusts were so good, we just may continue with this laziness thing when it comes to homemade pizza.)  All we had to do was preheat the oven, top the pre-formed crust with our toppings and cook for just under 10 minutes.

We topped with pepperoni, mushroom, bell pepper, tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese (Michel’s faves). Oh my gosh, this turned out so delicious!

Date Night Pizza Close Up

Our pizza turned out excellent, we both had a feeling of accomplishment we wouldn’t have been able to get from ordering in AND we had so much fun making something together.

Personally, next time I’d love to get a little creative and maybe do a prosciutto, caramelized onion and arugula version.

If you’re planning a Date Night, the two of you can have fun planning the perfect pizza combination together and experimenting with creative toppings, and you shouldn’t have to worry about too much prep. (All we had to do was slice the mushrooms and bell pepper.)

I hope to come up with an equally great “Date Night Recipe” for this week. Let me know if you have any good ideas!