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Top 5 Fit Disney Characters (and How They Got Their Rockin’ Bods)

Every girl has crushed over her favorite Disney prince and has an opinion on the most beautiful princess, but I’ve never heard anyone discuss who would place first in a triathlon or outlift Beast. Pretty faces aside, here is my list of the top five most fit Disney characters and musings on how they achieve their inspiring physiques.

Gaston – Crossfit

Sure, Gaston knows how to handle his blunderbuss, but no man gets that ripped just by holding a gun. That physique has to be the result of a diehard crossfit regimen. Gaston must spend hours in his local box, killing his burpees and perfecting his clean and jerk. (You saw him effortlessly pick up that bench with three bimbettes sitting on it, right?) Plus, the man eats five dozen eggs each day, exemplifying his dedication to the paleo diet.

Esmerelda - Zumba

From: http://disney.wikia.com/wiki/Esmeralda
Original Credit: Walt Disney Pictures

Esmeralda – Zumba

With hips that don’t lie and the shimmy to drive any man out of his belltower, Esmeralda was born to dance. Fusing salsa, hip-hop and more, Zumba is likely her go-to workout that allows her to unleash her free-spirited and sultry self while getting a great cardio sesh in.

Aladdin – Parkour

Jumping from building to building while defying all the rules, this agile street rat knows just how to run, climb, swing and jump from place to place in order to escape danger or punishment. A true parkour athlete (with the abs to prove it), Aladdin understands that there’s a whole new (exciting and obstacle-filled) world out there if you think beyond the treadmill.

Image by Rooster82 via DeviantArt

Image by Rooster82 via DeviantArt

Pocahontas – Barefoot Running

Yeah, she knows how to paint with all the colors of the wind, but this fit beauty is so much more than an artist. The girl can move. She runs the land gracefully and effortlessly, as swift as a gazelle, without the need for footwear.

Shang Martial Arts

From: http://dettoldisney.files.wordpress.com/2011/11/mulan-shang.jpg
Original Credit: Walt Disney Pictures

Captain Li Shang – Martial Arts

Captain for the Chinese Army in Mulan, this “pretty boy” is a martial arts maven, whipping a crew of wannabe fighters into serious shape as he teaches them combat techniques that require punching, kicking, stick fighting, archery and more. Boasting physical strength, agility and discipline, he has the abilities and physique of a true warrior.

Inspired to hit the gym yet? (Or hit the DVD collection and re-watch Aladdin?)

Who makes your list of most fit Disney characters?