Workstation Popcorn

Laptop in Coffeeshop

Where’d all the coffee go?!

Workstation Popcorn: It’s a real thing invented to keep coffee lovers supremely caffeinated throughout the day as they jump from cafe to cafe/workstation/pub, working on specific, premeditated tasks at each stopping point.

I recently read about this technique from Entrepreneur and decided to test it out today.

Essentially, you start your day with a clear to-do list and break it down into “task chunks”. You allot a few to-dos to be completed in different environments, moving from point A to point B only once A’s allotted tasks have been finished. For example, I gave myself the tasks of sending my new business cards to print, updating my website homepage and researching for a few upcoming blog posts at coffee shop A. Then I moved onto stop B to cross three more tasks off of my list.

I’m currently at coffee shop C (my final stop for the day), and I found the exercise to be refreshing. It gave me the opportunity to stand up, stretch and walk around in between the day, and, most importantly, the chance to talk to and observe different people in several environments instead of staying “stuck” inside of my own world, aka my laptop.

Plus, I found myself totally focused on goals, rather than just looking at the clock to see how much time I had left in my workday.

This weekend I plan on trying it even around my own apartment and, weather permitting, outdoors (which always gets my creative juices flowing).

Is “Coffee Shop Popcorn” a tactic that anyone else practices to get more done?

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