“A new home for my socks” DIY Dresser Update

DIY_Dresser_Update_AfterI’ve really enjoyed putting my new apartment together and experiencing many “first place” rites of passage: buying my first couch, spending hours piecing together IKEA furniture and buying “pretty towels” for bathroom decor.

While my kitchen, living room and dining room are coming together nicely, I still haven’t done a thing with the bedroom besides littering one corner with boxes with odds-and-ends that will very likely never get unpacked. Until moving into this home, my first apartment, every piece of furniture I’ve ever owned has had to fit inside of my rented-out room, and now that I have the whole place to myself, my bedroom has been stripped naked.

That is, except for the closet. Brimming with scarves, yoga pants and wadded up sleep shirts, the space inside simply can’t contain everything I wear. Only one shelf for my folded items plus my innate inability to keep an organized closet has me set up for closet failure.

Fortunately, I have a boyfriend who keeps his “work” and “play” shirts on different types of hangers (wooden for the office and black microsuede for the weekends) and folds his underwear.

After a trip home for Thanksgiving, he gifted me a closet-cluttered girl and DIYer’s dream – his childhood dresser! Still in great condition, but just in need of a little face-lift to suit my personality and style, this 9-drawer dresser will be a nice addition to my otherwise sparse bedroom and a great place for my socks to call home.


I like the wood and its ability to warm up my room, so I kept the body as-is and simply painted each drawer: a neutral stealth grey for the bottom six and a nice pop of color for the top three with a fun teal hue that I use as an accent throughout the apartment.

I also replaced the boring white knobs with some inexpensive, yet decorative brass ones found at Home Depot.

A mirror that compliments the new knobs, a few books, organizational bowls/containers and an orchid later, and I had a beautiful new addition to my otherwise plain bedroom that cost less than $35 to update.

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